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    September 2, 2018 · Sports
    There’s nothing like a backpacking holiday for discovering the world and your own ability to enjoy it. Tour the world, go where the wind takes you, and enjoy feeling as though you’re free to visit whichever destination takes your fancy, backpacking makes it all possible – as long as you’re well...
    The backyard barbeque cooker’s Bible, it’s almost blasphemous to give an electric smoker even an honorable mention in the “Best Smoker Category”.   To many of us, a smoker or grill that’s attached to an electric cord is an insult to all of us who’ve smelled of wood smoke for a week because we...
    I cook some pretty good barbeque. Not boasting, but it’s good. That having been said, I don’t proclaim to be a grilling genius. I just do what I’ve learned to do out of necessity, because buying meat already cooked at a local restaurant or at barbeque joint is expensive. For a couple of pounds of...
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